Wildfire Management System (WFMS)

Cross-border Programme the Republic of North Macedonia – Republic of Albania under the Instrument of Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II) allocations for 2018 – 2020

Project  :”Developing and Implementing a Smart and Sustainable Integrated Forest Fire Management System in the Transboundary Area” – (DISSIWMS)

Place: Struga-North Macedonia
Date: Thursday 3 and Friday 4 July 2023
Training Topic: Wildfire Management System (WFMS)

1. Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Ivanov, Faculty of Security
2. Aleksandar Angeleski – Commander of the Territorial Fire Fighting Unit, Municipality of Bitola

More than 25 participants take part in the training:

  • The firefighters from Struga municipality
  • Firefighters from the municipality of Librazhd
  • The National Agency for Civil Protection – Albania
  • Directorate for Protection and Rescue – North Macedonia
  • Representatives of the Directorate of Forests – Albania
  • National Agency of Protected Areas _Elbasan (AKZM)
  • Forest engineer – Elbasan

Project Manager – Sevgani Ibrahimi
Project Coordinator – Alen Kopaci – Municipality of Librazhd
Project coordinator – Albrim Polozhani – Municipality of Struga

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